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Expert Fire and Explosion Investigator (MSc, MCSFS, ChFP (Fire), FIFireE, IAAI-CFI)

Experienced in providing expert opinion evidence in HM Crown Court, HM Coroners Court and to representatives of the insurance industry in the UK.

Personal Profile and Professional Affiliations

I am an experienced Fire Officer in my 23rd year of service in the UK Fire Service. I am also the director of my own limited company, acting as an independent consultant and trainer. I have been a full time Fire Investigator since 2011. Prior to becoming a fire investigator, I served as both an officer and as a firefighter at wholetime fire stations across the region.

Since becoming a fire Investigator, I have investigated in excess of 300 incidents, including large financial loss fires, fatal fires as a result of accidents, unlawful killings and suicides. Consequently, I have produced reports containing my expert opinion pertaining to fire cause and origin that have subsequently been presented to both HM Crown Court and HM Coroners Court.

Professional member of

Institution of Fire Engineers (FIFireE)
Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (MCSFS, ChFP (Fire))
Engineering Council (EngTech)
International Association of Arson Investigators (MIAAI)
United Kingdom Association of Fire Investigators (UK-AFI)
National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)

Current and previous employers


Fire Investigation Officer


Principal responsibilities are acting as a primary investigator for major fires, fires involving serious injury or death. This includes all types of property and involves scene examination, determining area of origin and ignition sequence, interpreting fire damage and burn patterns, documenting the scene, evidence preservation and recognition, interviewing witnesses and preparing written reports of investigative findings to potentially form expert evidence in both HM Coroners and HM Crown Courts.

Advanced fire cause and origin determination
Evidence identification and collection;
Scene recording;
Fire report completion;
Acting as an expert witness in court.

Operational Fire Officer and Firefighter

PERIOD: March 1998 – July 2011

As a Watch Commander, the officer-in-charge of a multi-appliance operational whole-time fire station and responsible for two junior officers and eleven firefighters. Answering to the Station Commander, responsibilities included resolving a huge variety of emergency incidents including fires, road traffic collisions, chemical incidents, floodings, railway incidents and other emergencies. At fire incidents, basic cause and origin fire investigations were carried out. As a Crew Commander, responsible for a crew of three firefighters and minor emergency incidents, reporting to the Watch Commander. As a firefighter, responsible for search and rescue activity as directed by watch officers.

Personal safety at fire scenes;
Search and rescue techniques;
Methods of firefighting;
Scene preservation;
Basic fire investigation.

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